January 7

About Me

Putting technology and humanities together in a sleeping bag just because I can.

Yes! I DO have Markdown here!


My objective in this life is to leave this world in better shape than the way I found it when I got here in the first place and I absolutely love to work with people who are on to do the same.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Communication Science (Journalism) and a Master Degree in Information Technology (Computer Networks) and I have worked with companies as diverse as American Express and Comcast Telecommunications.

I’m also a Certified Emergency First Responder, a software/web developer, a published blogger in multiple websites, and like to play chess, read books, and just plain live the geek life all around.

Not interested in boring you with gory details here so, check me out on social media and, if any of this warrants an interview, get in touch now and we can take it from there.