February 18

How Good are your Attention and Memory Retention?

Question 1. One day, on a plane there were 100 bricks and one fell off. How many are left?

Answer: 99. This tests your basic math skills.

Question 2. What are the three steps to putting a giraffe in the fridge?


  1. Open the fridge.
  2. Put the giraffe in the fridge.
  3. Close the fridge.

This question tests whether you are doing simple things in a complicated way.

Question 3. What are the 4 steps to putting a rhino in the fridge?


  1. Open the fridge.
  2. Take out the giraffe.
  3. Put the rhino in.
  4. Close the fridge.

This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your actions.

Question 4. The animals were throwing a party and all the animals but one came. What was it?

Answer: The rhino.

The rhino is in the refrigerator, remember? This tests your memory capabilities.

Question 5. A girl crossed a low bridge over crocodile infested water, but didn’t die. Why?

Answer: The crocodiles were at the party.

This tests whether you learn from your previous mistakes.

Question 7. When she got to the other side, she died though. Why?

Answer: A brick fell from a plane and hit her on the head.

This question is actually question 6. It tests your memory retention and attention to detail.

So, how did you do?

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